The Wheatley Mine!
Phoenixville, Chester County, PA


This page is dedicated to Pyromorphite from the Wheatley Mine in Phoenixville, PA.  The location commonly called the "Wheatley Mine" is actually a series of classic lead, zinc mines located on one ore body.  The mines consisted of the Wheatley Mine, the Phoenix Mine, and the Brookdale Mine, all owned and operated by Charles Wheatley, and the Montgomery Mine, the Chester County Mine, the Roberts Mine and a few smaller claims.  The Wheatley Mine, opened in 1851, is by far the most outstanding source of beautiful and rare lead, zinc, copper and vanadium minerals in the eastern United States.  Pyromorphite from the Wheatley Mines is among the finest in the world!

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Feature Specimen

This is a fantastic pyromorphite from the Chester County Mine.  This specimen measures 5.5cm x 3.5cm and has rare botryoidal green pyromorphite and a large hopper barrel crystal cluster on the bottom.  A very unique piece from the closed classic locality.
Price - SOLD

Abbreviations: WHM - Wheatley Mine; BDM - Brookdale Mine; CCM - Chester County Mine; PHM - Phoenix Mine; MOM - Montgomery Mine




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