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More Pennsylvania Websites!

Jones Geological Services - Jeri L. Jones Geologist, York, PA.

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey

This is one of our favorite sites for educational information including online GS Reports, maps and
other documents of 
interest to Pennsylvania Collectors.  Don't miss this site!

Please Visit these other fine Websites!
Bob's Rock Shop - The first 'zine for rockhounds on the internet!
The Mineral Gallery - Kevin Ward - Mobile, Alabama

John Betts Fine Minerals - John Betts - New York City, New York

Trinity Mineral Company - John Veevaert - Weaverville, California
Adam's Minerals - Adam Larson - Henderson, Nevada
Fluorescent Mineral Society - Dedicated to Fluorescent Minerals

UV Systems - Don Newsome - Makes and Sells the SuperBright 2000SW
Ore-ROCK-On - Tim Fisher, Eminent Fish Biologist and Oregon Rockhound!